Real estate market in the DR Congo is very large. The sustained population growth since about thirty years and the socio-economic development of the country have led to a rapid development of towns and entailed a strong demand with regard to offer. This accounts for the overall deficits in housing assessed at 3,000,000. Kinshasa city alone has a deficit of 54.4%.


Housing policy is focused around four points :

The reorganization of housing sector (institutional reform and capacity building) ;
Improvement of housing (land building policy and for guiding the real estate sector) ;
Raising resources for the housing sector (funding) ;
Eradication of urban poverty areas (emergency actions).


An abundant population used as a prospective market ;
Availability of many sites across the country where houses can be constructed ;
Availability of building materials : rubble stone, sand, loose stones, iron sheet, rods, PVC…
Existence of building companies ;
DRC is member of Shelter Afrique (housing pan-African funding company) based in Nairobi (Kenya) ;
Facilitation through ANAPI of the creation of enterprises ;
Incentive measures in favor of investors of approved projects in form of customs and tax exonerations ;
Future implementation of 33 new towns in DRC in compliance with the decentralization policy stated by the Constitution of the Republic.