The telecommunications industry is the success story of the decade in the Democratic Republic of Congo. New information technologies are playing an increasingly important role in nearly all areas of the national economy of a country.

The cellular network is growing, notwithstanding the current difficulties caused by the global financial crisis. The number of users of mobile phones has increased in eight years (2001 to 2009) from 158,000 to 15 million, changing the penetration rate from 0.3% to 23%. This high rate shows the potential of the Congolese market when conditions are met to attract international investors. This is the most dynamic sector of the economy, with a turnover of over $US 850 million, placing it second only to mining. In 2008, he has provided over $US 160 million to the state budget.

This sector presents huge opportunities in the DRC of which the main ones are :

Creation of the national broadband network ;
Development of Internet centers throughout the country ;
Development of ICT applications in universities, colleges as well as in primary and high schools ;
ICT development in the promotion of agriculture through planning and adoption of new working methods for sustainable purposes ;
The setting up and management of Internet exchange points in Congo, that is to say, centers of interconnection networks deployed by Internet providers ;
Provision of standard Internet services : web browsing, email, file transfer, interpersonal communication, etc... ;
Availing of intranet and Internet solutions for businesses, such as the interconnection of business sites at metropolitan, regional or national level. They are able to interconnect the branches of a company spread over almost the whole area of the Republic ;
Development and implementation of applications of advanced technology such as videoconferencing, telemedicine, distance learning, even the virtual university, regional development, mining, forestry and oil prospecting.