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A flexible team and dynamic organization with a goal to help you succeed in your investment in DRC’s

Our company is specialized in advisory services and transactions of investment. We have a high knowledge in the public sector while we have started our professional experience in private sector: hence, we understand how to link the two worlds. We are not just simple high flying consultants through our experience, we are involved, very practical and familiar with our environment.


In view of its assets, the DRC may become in short term an attic for the whole Africa and even for the world.It has at the same time large arable and fertile land, huge reserves of fresh water, an important rainfall making it possible to have lots of harvests in a year, a lot of sun etc.


The DRC has abundant energy resources capable of supporting various forms of energy, including hydro, wind, solar, biogas, biofuel, etc.. The country could produce alone enough electricity to meet the needs of the entire African continent, but now it is in a situation of energy shortage.

Mines and Hydrocarbons

On the global plane, DRC is justly regarded as a “geological scandal” due to the presence in its subsoil of rare metals and/or sought after precious metals by selected emerging economies worldwide. DRC offers a possibility to tap a quasi full range of minerals existing on the planet and


Real estate market in the DR Congo is very large. The sustained population growth since about thirty years and the socio-economic development of the country have led to a rapid development of towns and entailed a strong demand with regard to offer. This accounts for the overall deficits in housing assessed at 3,000,000. Kinshasa city alone has a deficit of 54.4%.


The total forest area of the DRC is 1,232,000 m2, more than 45% of the African equatorial forest and 6% of the world tropical reserves. Congolese forest contains more or less 1,000 species of trees, including those in high demand worldwide. These include the following species :


The telecommunications industry is the success story of the decade in the Democratic Republic of Congo. New information technologies are playing an increasingly important role in nearly all areas of the national economy of a country.The cellular network is growing, notwithstanding the current difficulties caused by the global financial crisis.