II. Potentialities and assets

The DRC offers several investment opportunities in the agricultural and breeding sector from production to marketing, to create a chain of competitive value in the sub-region. With its outstanding potential and an area of unparalleled farmland in Africa, the DRC is able to feed 2 billion people. 2.1. Climate and Rainfall a. Climate – Average annual temperature: 26 ° C at the coast 24-25 ° C in the Cuvette Centrale 6-10 ° C in mountainous eastern provinces. 20 ° C on the high plateau of Katanga. b. Pluviometry 1000 mm / year 2.2. Vegetation The DRC has several types of vegetation including equatorial forest, woodland and grassy savannahs, mountainous vegetation, etc.The country has 80 million hectares of arable land and 4 million hectares of irrigable land. These include ferrisols, sandy clay soils with clay tasks, sandy soils, recent volcanic soils, alluvial plain soils, ancient rocks soil, areno-ferrals, hydro-kaolisols, etc.

7 février 2019