Map of Priority Areas by Province and by Growth Pole
Map of Priority Areas by Province and by Growth Pole

In view of its assets, in the near future the DRC may become an attic for the entire African continent and even for the world. At the other hand, the country has large arable and fertile land, enormous fresh water reserves, abundant rainfall and year round sunshine making it possible to have continuous harvests throughout a calendar year.

To boost agriculture, a priority sector for the Congolese Government, a law on agriculture was promulgated in 2012 (see law ). Hereunder, a shortlist of various cultures and the location of their production sites

II. Potentialities and assets

The DRC offers several investment opportunities in the agricultural and breeding sector from production to marketing, to the creation of a competitive value chain in the sub-region.

III. Various agricultural crops in the DRC

Cassava, Maize, Rice, Peanut, Plantain bananas, Potatoes, Yams, Sweet Potato, Wheat, Sorghum, Bean, Soybean, Taro, Groundnuts, Onion, Tomato, Pepper, Garlic and other Vegetables.

IV. Legal framework

Promote the establishment of civil engineering companies responsible for construction and maintenance of roads as well as transportation of people and goods, whether by land transportation, river or air;

V. Achievement

It should be noted that in 2012, the DRC produced thousands of tons of cassava, Corn, Rice Paddy, Bean and Pea. On the agro-industrial production side, the DRC has produced 26,144 tons of Robusta coffee, 5,636 tons of Arabica coffee,

VI. Future Prospect

The Government’s program in agricultural development aims to:

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