V. Achievement

The agricultural sector of the DRC has contributed 40% of GDP in 2013.

5.1. It should be noted that in 2012, the DRC produced thousands of tons of cassava, Corn, Rice Paddy, Bean and Pea. On the agro-industrial production side, the DRC has produced 26,144 tons of Robusta coffee, 5,636 tons of Arabica coffee, 5353 tons of cocoa, 3,508 tons of tea, 3485 tons of tobacco, 8,487 tons of oilseeds, 1,996,565 tons of sugar cane, etc.

5.2. From 2009 to 2013, ANAPI approved 46 investment projects in the agriculture and forestry sector.
5.3. The development of 5,000 ha of maize in the Agro-industrial Park of BUKANGA – LONZO bore fruit on March 5, 2015, for the growing season A.
Here are the details on the various projects to be undertaken in the agro-industrial park of BUKANGA-LONZO. (Put link of Bukanga Lonzo. http://www.parcagro.com)

7 février 2019