In view of its assets, the DRC may become in short term an attic for the whole Africa and even for the world. It has at the same time large arable and fertile land, huge reserves of fresh water, an important rainfall making it possible to have lots of harvests in a year, a lot of sun etc. Read more

Mines and Hydrocarbons

The Democratic Republic of Congo is known for its mining potential representing 1,100 different minerals. All provinces are entitled to own mineral wealth. The table below illustrates this reality and presents at the same time the different minerals that all provinces of the DRC abound in provinces. Read more


The number of the population (70 million) and the wide area (2,345,410 km²) of DRC, are major assets to ensure investment in housing and real estate sector. We however notice overall deficits in housing estimated at 3,945,555, that is, 263,039 houses to be built per year. Read more


DRC is a vast solvent market for communication, information and telecommunication companies ;Freedom to operate in the sector for new investors ; Market share available for new investors ; Read more


The Congo River with its basin astride the Equator, provides the DRC with a usable energy potential estimated at 100,000 MW, spread across 780 sites in 145 territories and 76 000 villages. This potential represents approximately 37% of the African overall potential and about 6% of the global potential. Read more


The Battery Boom Relies on DRC

Most major automakers are pledging to build millions of electric vehicles as the world’s governments crack down on climate-damaging emissions from traditional-fuel engines. As a result, demand is surging for lithium-ion batteries and the materials needed to make them — including cobalt, a relatively rare substance found mostly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The…

Randgold Keen to Help Congo State Choose Mining Code Experts

Africa-focused gold producer would welcome the opportunity to work with the Democratic Republic of Congo government to select independent experts to refine mining code and model the impact, CEO Mark Bristow tells reporters in Kinshasa. * Mining code in current form is same as one opposed by companies in 2015 and would cause damage to…

2017 edition of the « Espoir d’Afrique » contest

THE BILE-AKA FOUNDATION, BRIZOUA-BI organized in Cote d’Ivoire the 3rd edition of the contest « Espoirs d’Afrique », an initiative which aims to reward the best graduates of the year 2016-2017 of the school system of the French speaking Africa. For this first opening to francophone African countries, Congo-Invest Consulting accompanied the winner Eddy Kabamba Twite (96%…

DRC on the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018 Part I

At the end of September 2017, the World Economic Forum published a new edition of its comparative study on the competitiveness of countries around the world: the Global Competitiveness Report. The purpose of this report is to assess: The potential of global economies to achieve sustained medium- and long-term growth; The competitiveness landscape of 137…


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