Map of Priority Areas by Province and by Growth Pole
Map of Priority Areas by Province and by Growth Pole

In view of its assets, in the near future the DRC may become an attic for the entire African continent and even for the world. At the other hand, the country has large arable and fertile land, enormous fresh water reserves, abundant rainfall and year round sunshine making it possible to have continuous harvests throughout a calendar year.

I.Potential and assets

The DRC offers several investment opportunities in the agricultural and breeding sector from production to marketing, to the creation of a competitive value chain in the sub-region.

II. Climate and Rainfall

Average annual temperature:
• 26 ° C at the coast
• 24-25 ° C in the Cuvette Centrale

III. A priority sector

As part of the revival of the industry in the DRC, several sectors, among which agriculture, were selected based on factors such as the state of existing resources,

IV. Legal framework

Investment Code (cfr. Act No. 004/2002 of 21/02/2002). The new investment code has the following objectives :

V. Achievement

The agricultural sector of the DRC has contributed 40% of GDP in 2013.

VI. Future Prospect

The Government’s program in agricultural development aims to:

VII. PNIA’s strategy:

PNIA focuses on around five programs, which are, the development of 20 (to be verified) industrial zones for product management and food security;

7 April 2017