The Congo River with its basin astride the Equator, provides the DRC with a usable energy potential estimated at 100,000 MW, spread across 780 sites in 145 territories and 76 000 villages. This potential represents approximately 37% of the African overall potential and about 6% of the global potential.

I. Achievements

  • Liberalization of the sector to private partners ;
  • Public-private partnership which has promoted the implementation of the following projects: great Katende, Kakobola, Zongo II, etc ;

II. Vision

  • Increase the supply rate of electricity from 9% to 32%;
  • Construction of energy highways on the following lines:

III. Legal framework

The energy sector in the DRC is regulated by Law No. 14/011 of 17 June 2014 which aims in particular to achieve:

7 April 2017