II. Vision

Increase the supply rate of electricity from 9% to 32%;Construction of energy highways in the following lines

  • Inga Site → Gabon → Cameroon → Nigeria → Mali
  • Inga Site → Central Africa → Chad → Libya
  • Inga Site → Angola → Namibia → Botswana → South Africa
  • Inga Site → South Africa → Sudan → Egypt
  • Inga Site → Malawi → Zambia → Zimbabwe → Lesotho

Of the total installed capacity in DRC estimated at 2,516 MW, SNEL has a generation capacity of about 2,416 MW, or 96% of installed national power, consisting essentially of hydroelectric plants. However, actual production is only 6,000 to 7,000 Gwh. The auto producers share the remaining 100 MW of installed capacity, or 4%.

Despite the huge potential of which the country abounds, much of the land remains without electricity because of the dilapidated facilities dating from the colonial period and the lack of new investors in the sector. The country’s electrification rate remains low at 9.6% and the government’s vision is to increase the level of service up to 32% in 2030.

But the country does not have sufficient financial resources to cope with all these plant construction needs, an Investment Code and a Code of Electricity were established to attract private investors to the sector.

8 February 2019