IV. Legal framework of the sector

• Bakajika Law of June 7, 1966 (The soil and subsoil belong to the State). It stated that “the soil and subsoil belong to the State.” This law was intended to bring order in the housing sector.
• Land Law No 73-021 of 20 July 1973 on the general regime of property, land tenure and property and collateral regime. This law contains precise standards which regulate the purchasing area, sale and leasing of land. It should oversee the decisions of sellers, tenants and buyers on the procedure for all transactions for the issuance of secure real estate titles by the Congolese State.

• Circular Note n°005/CAB/MIN/AFF FUNC/2013 of 12 June 2013 on the procedure and the transfer period of land and property rights.

• Ministerial Order No. cab/MINA/TUHITPR/007/2013 of 26 June 2013 concerning the regulations relative to the granting of building permits in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Any person wishing to undertake a property development, urban innovation, building or structure of any kind in durable materials and according to the regulations on art throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, should first obtain a building permit from the relevant administration of Urban and Housing Planning.

3 April 2019