Information and communications technology

  • DRC has a vast market for communication, information and telecommunication companies;
  • Freedom to operate in the sector for new investors;
  • Market share available for new investors;
  • More and more attractive and competitive business climate for the private sector;
  • Sustained economic growth rate of 9%;
  • A skilled labor including engineers and technicians in telecommunication, etc.

I. Achievements

The liberalization of the ICT sector to private partners in the framework of the economic reforms initiated by the country’s authorities, enabled it to rank among the growth sectors of the Congolese economy. The development of production evidenced is as follows:

II. Market Data

• The absence of entry guidelines for new investors;
• The prices are freely set by operators on the condition that they are oriented to the actual costs incurred;

III. Legal Framework

The telecommunication sector in DRC is governed by the below legal texts : The Framework Law n ° 013/2002 of 16 October 2002 on telecommunications in the DRC :

7 April 2017